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This little piggy goes to market…or should I say BIG piggy!  274 lbs!  Tony and I picked up our pig tonight from a local farmer here in South Dakota at the Jesse James gas station.  (Trust me when I say very small town!)  The whole process was very exciting and enlightening for us from the first conversation with the farmer to deciding how we wanted our cuts of meat.  I got a kick out of the slaughtering charge from the meat locker of $12.50.  Also our meat grinding cost came to a whopping $2.50.

Opening the boxes was like Christmas!

Oh boy, the thick cut bacon looks scrumptious!

Hams cut custom size for our small family to enjoy.

I’m thinking we are well stocked for the year.  If you know of any good pork recipes let me know!!!

Usually Tony is able to harvest us a deer to provide our meat for the year, but sadly that did not happen this fall, so hence the pig.  Hopefully this coming fall will bring us some fresh venison.