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000_2205It’s getting close to that time of year again–deer season!  Tony and I depend on him shooting a deer for our “beef” supply all year round.  By this time of year I am usually running low on ground meat, but still have plenty of roasts.  The easiest way we have found to cook them is to throw them in the crock-pot.  Typically we can’t eat an entire roast in one meal, so I am getting pretty creative at making leftover meals with it.  Yesterday we shredded some of it and made tacos…tonight I made stroganoff…tomorrow, I’ll be sick of it whatever it is!  (Kind of a gross picture, but it sure beats having to buy beef all year.  Plus, after 6 years, I almost like it better than beef.  Free range meat!)

This is a project that I started probably 3 years ago but just recently finished.  It’s a small wall hanging of what I ca000_2793ll my Modern Flowers.  I love the pop of the colors against the brown background.

I used bias tape for the blue spiral.  I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine so that I was sure all the edges were tacked down.  I’ve learned that with spirals you can’t let the puckers bother you–they just add texture!  000_2796

Have a fabulous weekend!!!