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I have no good reason for not blogging lately. Life just slips by faster at times… Things are happening here around the homestead and I couldn’t love it more! Here are some pics from life over the past few weeks.

Tomatoes are in full harvest. We bring full sleds to the barn almost everyday it seems. We stockpile them in the cool barn and then make huge batches when we need to. The heirloom tomatoes are gorgeous and have been fun to experiment with. We may begin selling tomatoes soon since we are hitting our limit. Plus, the goal is to provide for our family in the coming year before the next harvest arrives. I think we have canned as much as we need…

We also froze 18 dozen sweet corn. I purchased from 3 vendors at the local farmers market and then chose the winner. Man is it good!! Not sure why I didn’t plant sweet corn myself…planted plenty of popcorn, but no sweet corn. bizarre.

More canning of tomato sauce. Threw this batch in the freezer with the darling white lids I bought.

40 of these fluffy friends arrived. Well, let’s not call them friends. “Providers” for the homestead. Their stay is short. 7 1/2ish weeks and we will have a full freezer. Broilers and Red Rangers. All males. Cute now. Not in 2 weeks.

We are having tons of fun collecting eggs from the laying chickens. They are laying pullet eggs now (smaller). Their eggs will continue to get larger with each laying. The smaller brown egg is about the size of a bluebird’s egg. A darling first attempt at laying for one of the ladies.

I was up late last night prepping birthday breakfast rolls for Tony. After I form them into rolls, they rise overnight in the fridge. Then I don’t have to get up as early to get these yummies on the table. Who doesn’t love a birthday breakfast?!

And more of this. WHAA! I think I have a couple more rounds in me, and then I am DONE. Here we have tomato sauce for pizza and spaghetti, salsa, tomato basil soup, green pepper jelly, relish, and sweet lime pickles. I heard raspberry pepper jelly is next…that will be good! Oh, and I also heard the grapes are in at my parents… Never dull, never dull…