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I just added some new equipment in my cloth diapering mission.  Say hello to the diaper sprayer from Bum Genius!  With this new purchase I thought it would be a good time to do a review about my experience with cloth diapers.














Just wet diapers go in this bag that I made, and then go directly into the wash on wash day.  The bag is lined with a non-breathable material so the smell can’t escape.  “Dirty” diapers get rinsed in the toilet with the help of the diaper sprayer.  Watch out, the sprayer has power!  Rinsed diapers then go into the bag as well to wait for wash day.  (Best to rinse dirty diapers right away.)  I do a load of diapers about every 3-5 days using a natural laundry detergent.  If I need some extra bleaching power, I put them out in the sun to dry–it really does work!













Diapers. I use several different types…it makes it kind of fun.



Great for overnight.

Seem very comfortable for baby.

Very absorbent

One size fits all


I have to wash the entire diaper after 1 use

A bit bulky

Leak on occasion







Good price ($12ish)

I really like the inserts I make for them.  (I use Tony’s old t-shirts.)

NO leaking

Not as bulky

Can use covers multiple times before washing


2 different sizes

Too wet on babies skin for overnight



Best Bottoms.


Not as bulky

Can use overnight

Can use covers multiple times before washing

Inserts easily snap in covers


A bit more spendy ($18ish for cover + cost of inserts)

Not as flexible around bigger babies waist




Check out my video on how to make wipes with paper towels!

I also use reusable wipes.  I have some exciting thoughts to share with you on these in the future.










Butt rashes. Do NOT use normal diaper rash cream in cloth diapers!!!  It makes them non-absorbent.  Use a natural cloth diaper safe cream…or try a bit of corn starch on babies bum…or use a disposable cloth between babies bum and cloth diaper.

Cost. I have put about $300 into cloth diapers.  I am totally saving money after 1 year of using cloth and homemade wipes.

I really do enjoy cloth diapering–environmental and cost are the two biggies for me.  The transition to cloth was easy for me, but I am a stay at home mom.  As to the husbands involvement…well, he doesn’t do a lot with diapers unless he is home alone with Elias…I don’t mind, since it was the bargain I made with him when I convinced him to go cloth.  We didn’t start cloth right away with Elias, so I am anxious to see how I feel about using cloth with a newborn.  We will see…  My next cloth diapering adventure is trying a knit soaker cover–I’m excited!  I’m going to use the pattern Curly Purly Soaker Cover.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions!