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Last week I had some motivation to get a few smaller projects done on my list.  Can you tell I like lists?  They help me get things done.  Sometimes I write something on the list that I know I will get to cross off right away just because I like crossing things out.  Don’t tell me you’ve never done that!  🙂

One of the corners of my kitchen counter was getting a bit cluttered with all of Elias’ stuff, so I made him a bag that I could toss into the cupboard.  It had to have a zipper since it is also the cupboard Elias is allowed to play in.


See, I’m really not kidding when I say it is Elias’ cupboard.  Notice the lack of contents in there…it has hampered my cupboard space…children.

I made the bag out of oil cloth I had in my stash.  Oil cloth will make for easy clean-up if the bag ever gets dirty from hanging out in the kitchen.  Not the easiest stuff to sew on since it is a stiffer material, but not terrible.


A bag within easy reach for bibs, cups, plates…Elias related kitchenware.


The other project I put together is a mini wet bag.  It never fails that you need a wet rag for your child the moment you step into public.  The nose starts running, you see food smeared on them that you didn’t see before, little hands touch nasty things….  So the solution is an on-the-go bag that is lined with PUL.  (PUL is this soft fabric stuff that is waterproof.  I used it in my cloth diaper wet bag as well.)

I also used a heavier plastic to divide the bag into 2 pockets.  One side is for clean rags, the other for dirty.  Can you see the plastic divider??

I am all about re-usable items…for cost and environmental reasons…so I fell in love with these baby Norwex cloths.  (If you aren’t familiar with Norwex, you should check it out.  I’m a fan!)  These little cloths are antibacterial and I use them ALL the time with Elias.

Another go to baby rag that I use all the time are old receiving blankets that I cut up into ~8″x8″ squares.  They are handy to have around and a quick toss in the wash makes them last longer than a paper towel clean-up.

A great project done for running out the door with little ones.  Wet your cloths before you go, or if you are out to eat just use some of your drinking water for quick clean-ups.