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It’s bad.  Ever since I had to pack my sewing machine and fabric up for the move, the knitting needles have gotten a good workout.  I keep finding more things that I want to knit.  The list grows, and grows, and g..r…o…w…s…   Oh my!  Life is short and I have so much to do!!  I asked a local friend where she likes to purchase yarn and she gave me two options.  I hit them both up on Friday.  One of them I had been to before and it was already one of my favorites.  Darn.Knit.{Anyway} in Stillwater MN.  Yes, worth the stop!  And of course downtown Stillwater has so many awesome shops, not to mention the riverfront.  Something for everyone, if you have non-knitters with you.

I purchased some yarn to make a certain shawl, but then changed my mind once I got home.  Funny how that happens.  It is called Oaklet Shawl and is free on Ravelry.

The yarn for this one is wonderfully soft.  It is amazing how the yarn can look so different in the skein and then once you start knitting with it, it seems to change.  I thought this yarn was going to be more solid mustardy yellow with just little flecks of color, but really there is a lot of color.  Still like it, but it is different than expected.

I also cast on another pair of socks.  yay for new projects!  This is another free pattern on Ravelry called Simple Skyp Socks.

Totally couldn’t resist sparkly sock yarn.  I’m all about softness when it comes to knitting items, and this one might not be the best but I’ll suffer for sparkles.

The other projects I have on the needles are a Susan B. Anderson reversible toy, Espen’s Christmas stocking, and the Ripple Blanket.

***Disclaimer:  When I first started seriously knitting, I told Tony that I would never knit a shawl.  It seemed so old school.  These are not Little House on the Prairie shawls…think more hipster wrap around your neck scarf like.  See the difference?  So I’m allowed to knit shawls.