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I started a new crazy project.  I so don’t need this project!!  I should be working on new quilt patterns, or perhaps some Christmas gifts…like 8 weeks away Christmas!   That’s what I get for looking at other people’s blogs!  I was inspired by Lucy over at Attic 24 and decided to ripple along with her.  This is a crochet project and I am using a size G hook and Valley Supperwash DK from Webs.   Yes, that’s right, I’m crocheting a blanket.  Dumb.  But hopefully totally worth it!

The pattern is very easy and involves mostly a double crochet.  I consider myself a beginner at crochet and with Lucy’s in depth pattern/pictures, I picked it up very easily.

Lucy uses fantastically bright colors and I wanted to try and go outside my comfort zone with similar colors.  So far, my first 3 rows are very inside my comfort zone….  ha!  I guess I wanted to get the project off to a good start.  I have 15 different colors, so somewhere in there something will stretch me.  Blues/greens/gray/red/orange/cream/purples.

I actually started this project with different yarn, but after the first row decided that the yarn was too scratchy.  uggg.  I really wanted a soft squishy blanket to cuddle up with my boys under, so I decided to start over with something else.  They say if you don’t like it now, you aren’t going to like it in 10 rows.  So I quickly cast that itchy yarn aside.  Since I needed thirty 50g balls, wowza!, I had to pick carefully so I didn’t have to take out a loan.  Valley Superwash DK was the winner and I really like it.  Plus I got a discount!  I’m all for supporting your local yarn shops, but if they don’t have what you are looking for Webs is a great option!

If you would like to ripple along, the pattern is found here.  Thanks Lucy!