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Makings Update


Lately I’ve felt like doing a video post. I LOVE watching and listening to podcasts, so thought you might enjoy this method of posting too. Grab some handwork and join me…or get some dishes done while you watch…whatever! Mostly just sharing what is...

Urban Twigs

Go over to The Handmade Girl and check out my new pattern, Urban Twigs. It’s a freebie! Go fire up your sewing machine!
Border Tips

Border Tips

So many of my friends are getting into sewing and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE it!!  I was sewing on some borders to a quilt last night and thought I’d take a few quick pictures to help share some of my tips on borders. 1.  Work in a quilt shop.  Just...

Girl at Play

I got a little of this done today during nap.  Feels good to have my creative channels flowing and things coming together.  {Last week I had to re-do something 3 times!!  I was becoming best friends with my seam ripper.  It was rough.} I love using freezer paper in my...