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I’m officially a South Dakota girl now.  I just cleaned my first two pheasants.  Tony came home from hunting and had to run off to work, so he told me I was welcome to take care of the birds.  I kind of laughed but then thought of all the women before me that thought nothing of preparing a very “fresh” supper.  After Tony left I threw on a work shirt, grabbed a knife, and headed out to meet my next meal.  I’ll save you the details, but the whole thing went rather well.  Not so bad.  Worst part was the smell.  wow.  Not good.  I even found out what one of them had been snacking on–corn.  That’s good for us I’m thinking.  Corn fed game is better eating.  Now I have to come up with how to fix this meal. 

P.S.–If I’m a smart woman, Tony should probably not know of my new talent.