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One of the things I was most looking forward to about moving into our new house, was hanging my Sarah Jane Studio prints I got for the boys. You know how you set little milestone markers for yourself and then you cling to them??? That’s how it was with the pictures. I knew that when we hung them up we would finally be settling into our new home. And here is the proof we are doing just that!

Here is where I originally blogged about Sarah Jane. I love the sweet childlike simplicity of her stuff. Just charming!

These prints are so perfect with bunting that I had to make some for the wall. I decided to go with mini bunting and all different shapes. You could do so many different darling things with bunting! All the same shape, different sizes, rustic, chic, bold…I like it all!!

I used little fabric scraps for mine and then used double fold bias tape as the string. The double fold bias tape is nice because it covers your raw edges from your “flags.”

I had trouble not getting the window reflections in the pictures, but this one captures the trees in the backyard perfectly. I am so blessed to be calling this place home!