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Blogs can be such wonderful, dangerous places to visit.  A couple weeks ago I was perusing my blog reader when I fell a bit in love…well, I should say more in love…with Sarah Jane Studios.  She recently shared that she was going to discontinue some of her goods so I hurriedly placed my order!

My package arrived and I loved the attention to detail.  A thank you card+other darling business cards.



I ordered a package of month by month cards.   Detail alert–sweet candy cane stripe kitchen twine!


Truthfully I wanted to order prints of all these but that would simply be unexplainable to the husband.  Dog house for me.  So, the plan with these is to frame them all in little frames and make some sort of larger artwork with them.


I think these are my favorites…


I also got a box of Holiday Cards.  The front one I adore.  Again, will try and do something creative with it…not just use it as a card.


And then I was inspired by Sarah’s blog post.  Seriously cute stuff.  I especially like these two.

{Photo from Christine Chitnis.}

{Photo from Haute Mama Daily.}

And thus I had to order these two prints for the boys.  I have totally justified it by declaring it a Christmas gift for their new bedrooms.  That is someday bedrooms.   This one is for Espen.  It reminds me of him.


And this is for Elias since he is totally into lions as of late.


And I might just have to place another order for this one…because suddenly giraffes are all the rage around here too.