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So this is a bit of a wildcard Movie Monday.  In case you are ever lost in the woods and need to survive on wild animals, I thought I would show you how to skin a pheasant.  Actually, think of all the women in our past that thought nothing of skinning a chicken or other animal for the cook pot.  In fact, for many women this is still a part of daily life.  I am grateful it is not a typical duty of mine.  If you are squeamish or do not appreciate meat preparation, this is not the movie for you.  Check back next week.

Movie Monday-Pheasant from Ingrid Barlow on Vimeo.

We did enjoy this bird for supper.  You can see we added bacon on top and we added onion, apples, and potatoes around it.  Tony did find some cooked corn in his breast.  Ha!  I didn’t put that in there!  That would be corn from the bird’s crop–gross!

In the end, the bird tasted great and provided a meal for us which we are grateful for.