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In this Movie Monday I demonstrate for you how to make a traditional Scandinavian treat–Aebleskivers.  Aebleskivers are basically a round pancake that you can eat for breakfast with butter, sugar, jam, syrup…whatever you put on pancakes.  Apple slices are also put in them for filling–hence, Aebleskiver.

I am no professional at making these as you will see in the Movie, but it is kind of fun to see the cooking mishaps and adventures of someone else.  I hope I bring a little smile to you today.

Movie Monday–Aebleskivers! from Ingrid Barlow on Vimeo.

(The music in the video is in honor of my grandpa, Al Reesnes.  He is an incredible piano player and as a little girl I would dance with my cousins all over the living room to very similar music.  His fingers make the keys come alive and I love it!)

If you are further interested in Aebleskivers and want a more professional video demo of them, check out

Here is a link to the store that we bought our pan from.  Holsen Hus.

Here is the very initial attempt at Aebleskivers in a muffin pan.  (There is a reason we bought the real Aebleskiver pan.)

But they still tasted great!  Check out my favorite butter dish.  Smor=butter in Norwegian.