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Chickens.  The summer before we got married, my dad (and sort of me) raised 2 dozen chickens.  We butchered them in the fall and froze them up for us newly-weds to live on for the next year.   (Not going to lie…the butchering process was pretty bloody and stinky.  I faked illness after the first hour.  I’m ashamed.)

Tony and I have gotten back into the whole chicken thing for a few reasons.

1.  Tends to be cheaper.  I can get at least 3 meals out of 1 bird.

2.  Less processed.

3.  Cooks up with lots of flavor and stays juicy since it cooks with the bone.

Enjoy a little lesson on spatchcocking!

Butterflied Chicken from Ingrid Barlow on Vimeo.

A few additional comments from Tony:

-works on charcoal or gas grill

-put a little oil on your grill before the chicken so it doesn’t stick

-cover the grill when you are cooking it

I’m off to enjoy some fresh Monster Cookies!