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Just a hodge-podge post about life today.

We are deep in the process of trying to find our new home up north.  Can’t decide if we should take a leap and go country style living or stick to the city.  I bet you know which way I am leaning.  And these magazines are making me lean even harder.  Love them!

Hobby Farm Home and Hobby Farms.  If you love living or dreaming country, you should check these out!

Finished my second pair of socks on our recent road trip to VA.  Used the Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks pattern (right side bar a little ways down).  Yarn was from my stash.  Really like how they came out!  I will use their pattern again.

Saw a couple wooden ladders in my neighbors trash area, so meekly asked if she was throwing them away.  She was!  Hurray!  I think I will find some cool way to use them in the new house, but here is what I did with one for now. 

 Baked some of these this afternoon.  We are getting together with some college friends who are traveling through town and I thought they might like some for the road.  Chocolate chip of course.

Happy weekend to you all!