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Breakfast is kind of special to me. It’s quiet time before the day begins. I use “quiet” loosely here, but it is a time that I try to re-group and prepare mentally for the day ahead. Since I read to the family when they eat, it means that I don’t eat at the same time. {reading and eating simultaneously is hard.} After the kids eat, they are excused for a little play time, before they tackle their math. That’s the golden time for me to eat.

Last night I restocked on granola and grape nuts. We really try to have these on hand so we don’t have to buy cereal. It’s good. {Granola recipe HERE.} Majority granola with just a little bit of the darker grape nut bits on top. I think Tony throws some dried fruit on the top of his too.
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I also finished up crockpot yogurt this morning. The granola goes awesome in this! A summer breakfast of homemade yogurt, granola, and strawberries from out back is one of my TOP breakfasts.

Crockpot yogurt is soooo easy. Here’s a link for the recipe. My little helper here is whisking out the lumps.

That little helper is almost done with diapers! It’s a beautiful thing. I have refused to buy more throw-away diapers, so she is in cloth at night. She has almost conquered nights, so we really don’t have much in the way of dirty diapers. The fire makes a great place for the cloth covers to dry. {And the place we normally hang wet mittens and hats after playing outside.}

It was a kitchen day, as we were out of a lot of the staples. Bread was made. I use the extra whey that comes off the yogurt in the bread. It’s high protein and a lovely way to use up the by-product of yogurt.

Bergen played a couple rounds of color bean bag toss.

And the boys and I played a game of LIFE this afternoon while Bergen “napped.” {played in her room.} The game of LIFE has sure changed. It was rather fun! But I was ready for it to end as well. 🙂 Truth.

Have a toasty warm weekend friends!