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I’m back from vacation!  It was wonderful even though it was a bit soggy all week.  Visited a few quilt shops, did a little business, bought a bit of fabric!  You can’t make new patterns without new fabric right?!  I’ll show you some pics of the new purchases tomorrow.

Today was a classic “just back from vacation” kind of day.  I made some fresh granola.  Recipe here.

Followed that with some fresh wheat bread.  The plan is to go to all homemade bread…no more store bought.

I went to pull out my two loaf pans and realized one was already in use in the fridge.  Hmmm…what to do.  I thought to myself, usually when you have to make do with what you have, you have to get the most creative.  So I remembered this bread bowl I had which I had never used to make bread, but rather to store spice packets in.  Perfect!  What a darling little circular loaf.

Fresh bread=oh so good.

Threw a few more things in the garden–onion sets, cucumbers for pickles, fences for the peas, and some zinnias.  I think this domestic girl did pretty good on this Saturday.  Now cleaning is another story…not my domestic strength.   🙂