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It’s rhubarb season around here!! I couldn’t be more happy about that since I have been out of homemade jam for a month now. I’ve lived my entire life eating rhubarb freezer jams and would not have it any other way. The boys and I got busy pulling the other day and harvested enough to make 4 batches of jam, 1 rhubarb crunch, and rhubarb bread. The great thing about rhubarb is, in another couple days I’ll be able to make that amount again from the same patch!

When I’m at the patch, I chop off the leafy part so that I just have to haul the stalk. Then in the kitchen I clean up the bottom and give it a wash.

Jam really is the BIG project around here when it comes to rhubarb. We make for the WHOLE family so many many batches are made. You need 4 things: rhubarb, sugar, pie filling, and jello. {Recipe is at bottom of post!}

This is freezer jam so it is as easy as filling the jar, slapping a lid on, and tossing it in the freezer until you use it.

Cherry is always a favorite. (Use cherry pie filling and cherry jello.) I also did an experiment one with apricot pie filling and cherry lemonade jello. It’s fun to try something different every year!

To make the labels this year, I traced the flat part of the lid on cardstock, cut it out and laid it under the ring. {No tape needed!} I love labels and these are especially useful when you give jam as gifts or for family members to pick out which kinds they would like.

Those cute jars I couldn’t resist are already being put to use! 🙂

I double the recipe each time I make it since I always have so much rhubarb. I can make 2 batches in one pot. Then I can have 2 pots going! {4 batches at once!}

Rhubarb Freezer Jam {about 9ish half pint jars}:
Mix in large pot on stovetop–
6 cups chopped rhubarb
4 cups sugar

Simmer until rhubarb soften and breaks down a bit.
Add 1 can of pie filling.
Simmer a bit longer until fruit in pie filling softens.

Remove from heat and add 6 oz jello (2 small packs or 1 large)
Stir well for 5 minutes.
Fill jars leaving a little space on top {I fill to the bottom of the neck…where the lid screws on…see the pic above}
Toss in the freezer!

For strawberry jam, we do 4 cups of rhubarb mixed with 3 cups of sugar. The rest is the same.

Have fun experimenting with different flavor combos!! {Pie filling/jello}

Here’s a post I did a few years ago with some of our families favorite rhubarb recipes.  Enjoy!