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The homemade Chai “sludge” from the last post is a success!  I am so excited to have my own homemade Chai Tea right on hand.  I had to go to the local natural food store to pick up some black tea.  Normally I really don’t like black tea…I think it must be too real…but I thought I would buy a little bag and give it a go.  The lady at the shop recommended I buy loose tea since it is better quality than the boxed stuff.  (I guess I’ll take her word on it.)

Here is my loose black tea ready to go in my reusable tea bag.  I use about 1 tsp of the loose tea for 1 cup.  Then I add my Chai “sludge.”

Check out the blog entry below this one for the link to the homemade Chai Tea mix–aka “sludge.”