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After looking at the book “Home Dairy,” I decided to try making butter. {Book by Ashley English–awesome blog here.} I thought about making the shake in a jar kind so the kids could help, but decided they would shake the jar for 30 seconds and then I would be stuck with the job for the long haul. I went with the food processor method.

I picked up a pint of heavy cream from our local natural food store. I had to leave it out on the counter until it was room temperature. By the time I poured it in the food processor, I think half the bottle was already butter.

After pouring my cream in, I turned the processor on for about 8 minutes. Added a smidge of salt and called it done. There were actually more steps in the recipe, but I already had good butter. huh…maybe I did it wrong. Or maybe I have a superstar food processor. Either way, the butter is WONDERFUL!

Here it is fresh from the processor and still room temp.

Here it is chilled. So good! And fun to use one of the bowls I made back in college days. {Someday I’m going to do pottery again!!}

We eat so much dairy around here, I think we should get a cow or a goat. Please Tony??? I promise I will take care of it every day.