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I just discovered a couple great new food items to me! Love finding something new to help change up the food routine that we get into!
The first up is Bedtime Yogi tea. I love Egyptian Licorice Mint Yogi tea (it’s hard to find, so buy it when you see it!) but I was nervous about trying tea right before bed even if it is supposed to help me sleep.  It is sooooo good!  And I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep.  {Although I did stay up until midnight knitting.  Just one more row…}


I bought this on a whim at Trader Joe’s the other day. Chia seeds. We tried them on our homemade yogurt this morning. Let’s just say my expectations were not high and I highly doubted the kids would like them. I was WRONG.  The boys LOVED them! They are awesome! They have a nice crunch but not a hard crunch. Kind of a chewy soft crunch.

They are sooo good for you. In 1 Tablespoon you get tons of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. I can’t wait to try them on salads. Next time I go to the natural food store I’m going to see if they sell them in the bulk section.

Has anyone else made any good food finds lately??