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We had another blizzard here in South Dakota, so it made for a rather short work week.  I am not complaining!  Although with our winds, -40 does not feel very good.

This afternoon I made a double batch of banana bread.  I think I could eat a whole loaf of this stuff in one sitting.  Yum, yum.


I have lots of plans for this weekend including…

-organize digital photos on the computer into digital scrapbook

-finish wool rug

-get binding on custom quilt

-towel apron for baby bath time made

-figure out the artwork for the nursery

-and maybe some filing…if there is time…  🙂

Here’s a recent picture of my belly–35 weeks.  5 weeks to go!  (Do you like the Santa pants??  Whenever I am home I immediately put on the most comfy pants no matter how terrible they look!)


Building our love nest! IMG_0118