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It’s been a while!  I have been so busy–work stuff, plus lots of fun mixed in.  Here’s a darling quilt that I just did for the shop as a sample.  It’s called Vintage Baby Quilt by YoYo Mama.

Super easy!  You simply place your little squares on top of another piece of fabric + batting + backing, and you sew down the edges.  Throw it in the wash and poof!  There you have it.  This is a good one for all you wanna be quilters.  No piecing involved!

Going to a wedding in Eau Claire WI this weekend.  Tony and I will put on our dancing shoes!  It will be fun to get away to the woods–great time of year to travel in WI.

Have a great weekend!  Do something that delights you!

Update:  I get so many hits on this post, I just wanted to do a little updating!  This Vintage Baby Quilt pattern turns out some very sweet looking quilts.  I only made this one for the quilt shop that I worked at…I wish I took some better photos of it!!  It is not my pattern, but you can find it HERE by YoYo Mama.    

If you are looking for some free and easy quilt patterns, here are a couple of my own!  Enjoy!

Urban Twigs.

urban kids