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I am thrilled to introduce you all to “Urban Twigs!”  This is my newest pattern and I just love it…for multiple reasons.

1.  It uses a jelly roll, so you can have all the fabrics from one line in a project.  So often I have a hard time deciding which fabrics to purchase, and a jelly roll allows me to get a little piece of each.

2.  It is simple to piece.  You don’t have to think too hard–a good thing!

3.  It has some modern whimsy.

4.  The quilting I did on it turned out perfect!  Yay!

5.  A pattern you can make up for your friends or call your own.  Gender neutral!













Elias loved checking out the quilt the moment it came off the quilting frame.  Ahhh, it does a mother’s heart good!


I did a tall loop next to a smaller loop for my quilting.  It was so easy since I could follow the strips.  To add some interest, I swirled some words into the quilting as well.  Mushroom.  Woodland.  Gnome.






























Hope you all like Urban Twigs as much as I do.  You will be seeing more about this pattern soon!