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A couple months ago I saw a girl whizzing by on a leisure bike.  It made me want one.  Really bad.  She looked so comfortable and carefree complete with her basket on the front.  Then about a month ago I saw not just one, but two, hanging in Tony’s grandparents garage!  What luck!  Today I tried them both out and came home with this dandy!  Meet Penney.

Tony loaded her in the back of our little car and now she has a new home.  As we were driving home, Tony and I had this conversation.

Me:  Can I take a ride during nap time today?

Tony:  Sure, but make sure you wear your helmet.

Me:  I don’t want to wear my helmet.

Tony:  Well you have to or you can’t go.

Me:  But then I won’t feel the wind in my hair.

Tony:  Your helmet has holes in the top.

Me:  (Silence.)  Fine, but I’m just going to ditch it in the weeds at the school.

Tony:  That would be moronic.  What would I do with you if you got hit by a car and were in a coma?

Me:  (Silence.)  Fine.

I hate it that he is so often right.   So here I am in my helmet.  And it wasn’t so bad.

If I were 20 years younger, I so would have worn a cape.  I will be getting a bell for it no matter what my age.  And a basket for the back.

Love the 5 speed handle control.

And here’s why she’s called Penney.

I’m smitten!  I see many carefree miles ahead with hair blowing…sort of…smile on my face, legs kicked out to the side, basket full of knitting/books/sewing, dinging my shiny bell.

(A high school friend, Chelsea, once told me she would ride her bike around town singing the Wicked Witch of the West song in her head.  It’s a problem for me now.)