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Remember, how I talked about running a 1/2 marathon 2 years ago?? Well, it never happened. A couple months ago, I got sick of saying “someday…” and decided that I better knock some things off the list sooner than later. So, 4 weeks ago I asked my seasoned marathon running sister-in-law if I could pull off a half marathon. She gave me the green light and I was off! I’m glad I only had 4 weeks to train, because if I think I had more time than that I just would have put it off.

Training, training. Actually wasn’t that bad. There were some pretty rough days, but also some feel good days. It is always hard work for me though. No “easy” runs around here.

Race day was on Sunday.

Here I am at mile 8.  Feeling pretty tired, but so happy to see my family on the sidelines.

Almost to the finish line!  I am REALLY ready to be done.

And it’s over!  Yay!  I met my goal of finishing under 2 1/2 hours and of jogging the entire way.  So the exact stats:  11.01 pace, 2 hrs. 24 minutes to finish.  Not the speediest rabbit, but I’m happy with it.