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I’ve got chickens on the brain today! It all started when I realized that we needed dog food and that maybe the place we buy dog food also sells baby chicks. Well, they don’t. But they told me who does! One phone call later and my whole morning is shot researching breeds and cleaning out the chicken coop. {That is cleaning it out in my mind.}

Here is the coop that so wonderfully came with the house. 🙂 This is the view from my front step. The coop is close. Tony says too close.

We might move it a bit come spring weather and melted snow. {The snow is up to my knees in some areas of the backyard!}

The coop is very self-made with random pieces here and there. As you can see there is even a truck topper. I might have to remove that!

Here’s the sweet little ramp into the coop. I bet that has a name…I better learn some chicken lingo soon!

It really needs a good cleaning out, but I think it will work just great once old bedding is removed. Plus that old stuff should do great on the compost pile!


I know the old home owners had egg and meat chickens, so I think this coop across the backyard might have been the meat chickens coop.

We will probably fix this one up and use it for the same purpose. I think we will try 25ish meat chickens this summer. They take 6-8 weeks to grow to maturity. Then you just give them a swift wack and throw them in the freezer. That sounds easy, right?

In other domestic news, I did get my first batch of bread made in the new house! I must be home now! {For the first time in over a year, I bought store bread during the week of our move. I decided I could let that slide while the rest of my life was in chaos for a week.}

So here’s to our soon to be homestead! Chicks are available tomorrow…not sure I can pull that off or convince Tony. Might have to wait a couple more weeks before our coop sees action.