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When I grew up, the annual cutting of the Christmas tree usually happened the first weekend after Thanksgiving.  Always a real tree even though my brother had allergy issues.  (Toughen up boy!  It’s Christmas!)    We are a couple weekends late, but we managed to finally get ours cut.  It was a wonderful excuse to try and find another “diamond in the rough” kind of tree farm.  That place was Riverview Christmas Tree Farm in Canton SD.  It was fabulous!  It was tucked on the edge of a riverbed, so there was some beautiful wooded land and a little bit of snow.  The owners were so sweet and helpful!   Here’s a quick little video.

Elias had a great time.  He kept tripping over tree stumps and saying “uh-oh.”  He also loved the snow!  (I can’t wait for a big snowstorm, so he can really see what snow is like.)

Elias is in the total mimic stage, so he had to crouch just like me and lay on the ground like dad to cut it.

So helpful!  (By the way, we have the greatest skill of being able to find bargain Christmas trees!  This one was like $20 cheaper than anything else we saw…and we didn’t even think it looked different from the rest!)


One of my favorite things to do each year–A wonderful family Christmas outing!