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One of the best things about having kids is you get to totally relive childhood joys and at the same time make all the choices.  Example=Today at the farmer’s market I wanted pumpkins, so I made the lovely decision of having Elias pick out a pumpkin for himself and Espen.  Then I got to pick one.  Why?  Because I wanted to and what could be better than celebrating cooler weather with pumpkins!  When we got home, Elias wanted to take them to hang out under the Willow tree.  (Man, I like that kid.  What a romantic thing to suggest.)   The following is a little photo journey of our time.

Here we have Elias caring for his brother.  I’m sure doing nothing to annoy, pester, or antagonize him.  No really, I think it was a purely innocent moment.  Maybe.


Having a chuckle over something.  One of the best sounds is the boys laughing together.  And yes, that is a piece of breakfast in Espen’s hair…we emerge from the basement living quarters into the light of day and all sorts of ugly dirtiness magically appears on my children.  I cannot explain it.


Espen had a thing for mama’s gourd.  (I think that’s what it is.)


Little eyes are always watching.


You can have 50 pumpkins if you stay this sweet!


Ahhh yes, under the ol’ willow tree is a wonderful place to be.


Happy Fall everyone!