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After a refreshing worship time this morning, I came home to have a little fun with some fabric I bought a month ago for a new quilt pattern!  Oh yes, very exciting…can’t tell you much, but here is a sneak peek of the fabric that will go into it. 

Then after a little play time, I had a very hot and sticky session with the dishes.  As I was doing them, my dear husband came up to me and said, “open up your box of sunshine.”  I gave him the sweaty evil eye–he knows washing dishes is my favorite way to spend a hot summer afternoon.  Actually on the bright side, he did offer to do round 2 of dirty dishes tomorrow.  Yes, we really do have that many dirty dishes at once.  Trust me, they pile up fast when you don’t eat out much and you like to experiment in the kitchen. 




This evening I spent some time on the deck with the dog watching fireflies.  I caught some in a jar for old time’s sake.  Dakota, the dog, was not a very good helper.  She was not sure what I was doing but she knew it was exciting, so she tucked her butt under and went flying around the yard like a maniac.  She busted a couple close catches for me.  Crazy dog. 





I put clean sheets on the beds tonight.  Nothing like crawling into a fresh and tightly made bed for the night.  Since I line dry my sheets, I use a linen powder to give them a lightly wonderful scent.  Very fun to use and you will feel oh so sweetly feminine when you sprinkle it about.  Sleep tight to you and yours!!!