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Last week I had a bit of a cold so my fingers were busy on the needles.  Here are two of my latest knits for baby Barlow.000_3017This is called the Baby Sophisticate sweater and the free pattern can be found here. (I have also seen it referred to as the “Grampie Sweater” which I think is very fitting.)  I found the buttons at the local knitting shop and I love how they have a pottery look to them.  000_3021I’ve posted this vest before, but I got the wooden buttons sewn on the sides and on one of the straps.  So darling!  This will fit this winter I think.  Free pattern is here.

In other news…I fed my husband french toast for supper and then made Puppy Chow for dessert.  How terrible is that?!  I also have been having urges to put out the Christmas stuff!  (My mom would have a fit if I did!)  Tis getting to be the season!