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000_2387Spring has started to arrive and it is so wonderful to be outside again.  We had our first grilling of the season tonight and we enjoyed the smell of the coals and the warm breeze as we ate.  The winter can be rough here in the midwest, but it makes the spring so sweet! 

The last couple days I have been wrapping a couple quilt projects up.  Pictured is my quilting frame.  It is a wooden contraption that I set my sewing machine on and then I just roll around stitching the 3 layers together.  It’s not ideal, but the frame was a good price and we get the job done.  I’ve got about an hour left of quilting time for tomorrow and then I get to bind it.  I really enjoy binding.  I can just sit and relax and yet I feel like I am getting something done.  This quilt is 60″x80″ and it probably takes me about 3 hours to quilt.  It is a wonderful feeling to get to the end and take your newly done quilt off the frame.  The second wonderful feeling comes when you take it out of the dryer when you are completely finished.  It gets that old wrinkly look and it is so warm and cozy.  

Hope you are enjoying the spring wherever you are!