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I was reminded of something bad this weekend. Old fashioned cake doughnuts are not that hard to make…and don’t take that much time either. Oh man. Lovely doughnuts. 30 minutes to rest the dough and then the magic happens. And can I just say that I don’t even like chocolate that much…but this frosting…maybe I like chocolate more than I like to admit. Here’s the recipe.



This doughnut recipe has made me crave Krispy Kreme style donuts though. {I blogged about them here long ago…} They are a bit more time intensive to make due to being a yeast dough, but it is TOTALLY worth it. {To the tastebuds…not the heart health.}

I also tried my first round of Overnight Oats. I’d heard about this like 6 months ago and it has been on my list of things to try ever since. It was sooooo easy to make. And I can’t begin to tell you of my love of using jars. There’s something so simple yet beautiful about it. Delightful and practical all at the same time.
The version we tried was peanut butter, banana. No sweetner added, but the banana was critical to make that possible. The family was surprised in the morning that breakfast was completely ready to go and it was fun to branch out in the breakfast department. I’m a little late to the party on overnight oats…google it if you want to try it. There are LOTS of ideas out there. I might just make myself some more before I go to bed. Maple syrup WILL be added to the next round.

I made another batch of elderberry syrup as well. I am just learning more about using herbs and things like elderberries. It is fascinating stuff to me. There is brandy in this, so before I pour it in, I make a little jar of syrup for the kids to drink. They have had the brandy syrup before too, but I feel a little better about the non-alcoholic version for them. The kids drink 1 tsp a day for cold/flu prevention. Tony and I take about 3 teaspoons/day. If we feel something coming on, we take it multiple times a day. I’m a believer!

We had Co-op today for school. From 9-12 the boys are in class. Espen is in a prek/k class with 17 other kids. Elias takes art, science, and creative writing with 1st and 2nd graders. We love it! And it is the perfect thing on a Monday to get our week going. We don’t do a lot of other “school” on the days we have co-op.
This afternoon, though, we did have our tea and poetry time. Espen made us cupcakes and then we pulled out the old china to eat them on while I read poetry. When I first thought about doing poetry with the kids, it sounded a bit aloof and dreary, but do you know there is a lot of very funny/beautiful/inspiring stuff out there?! And I am always amazed when I hear the kids using patterns or rhyming in the days following. They pick up on a lot of really good language skills just from hearing it read aloud.

Speaking of “read aloud,” I HAVE to share with you something that is turning Espen into a reader rapidly. It is so cool to see the reading blocks start to fall into place. Reading is magic. And it’s happening for him. I’ll share that sometime this week.

May your pj’s be warm this week! Happy Monday.