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This kid. He’s wiggly. On the move. A bit distracted. Math takes him an e.t.e.r.n.i.t.y.  I’ve heard of some mamas knitting while teaching to help them maintain patience. Hmmmm…might need to try that. At some point he moved to the floor with his math, and it actually seemed to do the trick. That a boy. Get’er done.


Ole is our side-kick during the day. He’s a sweet young boy. A Brittany. I may forever have Brittany’s from now on. He’s a hunter, but low-key in the house. Limited shedding. Perfection.


For read aloud today, we finished this book that we had started the other night. It’s an old vintage looking book that we picked up at Goodwill. {A good place to pick up cheap books.} It was a fun read for all of us. Tony{aka dad} had started it the other night and he actually picked it back up tonight and finished it on his own since we had finished without him.


For a reading game, I had Espen play bean bag toss with words.

img_7981-1The bags I had made a few years ago out of an old pair of my jeans. Filled with dried beans. {I think bean bags are used for sensory work with children…you can fill them with different things like rice, different sized beans, cherry pits…etc.} The flashcards are from great-grandma. She was a 4th grade teacher so she passes along teaching supplies she had when she cleans out. It’s rather exciting to see what she finds hidden in drawers!


And of course Bergen wanted in on the game, so we made a bucket toss for her when we were done. {She has been a stinker when it comes to napping this week. Bah. Somehow she always manages to emerge wearing a dress when she’s supposed to be sleeping.}


During quiet time I looked at seed catalogs and thought for the umpteenth time that I better get planning the garden. We have big gardens and have a stand during the summer. BIG plans for this year. Check us out at Barlow Roots on Facebook and our website. HERE.


For an afternoon pick-me-up, I made some tea. I am trying to be a coffee drinker. I could use the extra lift in the morning…  I probably shouldn’t, but there’s something so mature and romantic about drinking coffee. Anyways, I had a friend tell me that she uses her French Press with loose tea. GENIUS!!  I tried it today and it worked great!



Tomorrow is Friday!! We all cheer for Friday! Yay!