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After seeing this rug on Purl Bee, FREE pattern, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that I needed another rug.  Geez, I’ve been making a lot of rugs around here, but when you have hard wood floors it really is nice.   Plus, look at that rug!?  It looks like you could just curl up on it and go to sleep–I love it!  Cozy Perfection.


Thus, when Tony was home and the boys were down for a nap, I scooted to the yarn shop.  (The yarn pictured is $124.00 a ball!!!  Yes, I do think Tony would consider doing something drastic if I purchased yarn at that price!)   I found this super bulky yarn and a giant S size crochet hook for a wee bit cheaper.  Don’t worry Tony–a LOT cheaper.


Wound it up on my borrowed swift from my grandma-in-law.  She’s sweet to let me “store” it at my house.


And here’s the ball all pretty.  I used 2 balls to be exact.


About 2 hours later and here is my rug!   My guess it is about 34″ across.  Interesting how when I purchased the yarn, I thought it was going to be mostly the cream/white color with just some hints of the gray/blues.  It is much darker than I thought it would be.



It does match the wet bag I just made for Espen’s room–nice when things just happen.  I guess it was meant to be, right Tony?  🙂


I do still love the one from Purl Bee pictured above, so maybe next week I will have to try some strips of tweady white/cream wool.