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I know a lot of the blog has been about baby related stuff…good for those of you in that stage of life…to those of you who aren’t, I hope you have found it somewhat interesting.

It just hit me last week, that as long as I am doing cloth diapers I might as well start using reusable wipes.  I have loved my homemade disposable wipes for the past 6 months, but Elias is slowing down in how many of those he needs per diaper change, so I think now would be a good time to attempt the reusable ones.  Here’s how I made mine.

I used some terry cloth, but the majority of mine are made out of old flannel receiving blankets.  This is a perfect way to recycle some of those extra little blankets.  Plus, since they usually come in a pack you will have coordinating ones.  ahh, the importance of coordinating wipes!  🙂

*Cut your material into 8″ squares.  (I got 9 from each receiving blanket.)

*Layer two squares right sides together and pin.

*Sew around outside, leaving an opening for turning right side out.

*Trim corners so that it is not so bulky when you turn it right side out.

*Turn right side out and sew around near the edge on the right side sewing shut the opening as you go.

*You can either pre-soak your wipes in a container or spray them as you need them.  The solution is 2 cups water, 3 Tbsp. baby oil, 2 Tbsp. head-to-toe baby wash.

*Throw dirty wipes in the wash with your dirty diapers.

“Changing the world one stinky at a time.”

(Onesie from Elegant Mommy.)