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More kitchen time!  Bad for my waist, good for Tony, plus Elias loves to hang with me in the kitchen.  So many good things to choose from–bread, banana cream pie, sweet rice,  brownies, carmel corn…  oh boy!

I pulled out Grandma Max’s old recipe boxes and went through them.  I again was amazed at some of the things I found.

-Dumplings that have 18 cups of flour and 21 tsp. of baking powder!!  I would lose count half way through!  Dumplings for a party of 40.  Seriously!  That is a major dinner party.

-recipe cards signed “Mrs. Harold Thompson” and “Mrs. Alden Card.”  One recipe had in parenthesis “Betty.”  Thank goodness Betty didn’t just have to be known as Mrs. so and so.

-Perfect Roast Beef.  “Place on rock in a shallow pan.”  I guess you used what was handy back then.

-And my favorite–Homemade Soap which contains “11 cups strained fat and 5 cups cold rain water” among other things.  How great is that?!  Oh, and you also must use a “stone jar” to mix it in.

How I wish I could have spent some time learning from those women of the past!