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I often have people ask me if I have made a special quilt for the baby since quilts are my business.  I have not up to this point, in part I think because we have not decided on a name (sort of weird, but a true reason), and plus I have a hope chest with several quilts waiting to be loved in it.  However, I did just complete a quilt I had in the back of my mind for a few months.  It is a flannel rag quilt and I think it will be a great rough and tumble quilt for our little guy.  It was super easy to make and washed up like a dream.

000_3048The fabric line is called “All Stars” and you can purchase them here.

000_3051If you would like to try your own rag quilt, here are some simple steps I followed.

-For 6″ finished blocks, cut your squares 7″.  cut your batting 5 3/4″ square.

-layer 2 squares with your batting square centered in the middle.

-sew an X through the middle of the square. (your doing the quilting as you go.)

-lay blocks into rows and sew together using 1/2″ seams.  Remember your seam is going to be on the outside of the quilt!

-Once your quilt is all put together, cut about every 1/4″ on all the seams and around the outside.  Do not cut into your seam stitching!  (I did sew a seam 1/2″ around the entire outside of the quilt as well.) NO binding needed!

-Throw it in the washer and dryer and ohhh and ahhh when it comes out!