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A few weeks ago month ago I skipped over to my friends house and made a couple really easy projects as kids ran wildly all around us.  Read:  projects easy enough to be dealing with who knows what at any given moment.  The first is an easy Valentine’s Day project.  Yes, I”m behind the times.  Sorry.

A package of V-day poms poms, husband’s fishing line, and a needle.   Thread your needle onto the fishing line and spear those pom poms through the middle.  Slid them to random spots on the line and then hang the pom pom filled line onto the window.  I used tape.  Really creative, I know.


The other project we did were these sweet magnets!




Here’s what you need.


Trace your tear drops onto the paper.  Mine were all sort of odd shapes so you have to trace them to get the exact shape.


Cut out your shape a little smaller than what you traced.


Mod podge on the flat side of the tear drop.  Put your paper on to it.  A bit more mod podge on the back of the paper.


Let the mod podge dry and then hot glue gun a magnet on the back.


Bam!  Make a handful for yourself and then throw some together to give as sweet little gifts for your friends.


Weekends almost here!   Hope you do something creative!