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I revisited an old project yesterday. {Continuing the theme of trying to get everything off my want-to-do list before baby arrives.} You Go Girl has a darling tutorial for crocheting trim onto your pillowcases. It adds kind of an old-school whimsy to pillows. Reminds you of grandma’s house. I attempted this project about 4 years ago, but did not like the yarn I used or the end result, so I pulled it out. The pillowcase needed something, so I pulled out some yarn from my stash and gave the project a second go.

My crochet skills have improved over the last 4 years, so the single and double crochets were easy for me. (You can always google those stitches if you need extra help!) I still think my yarn is a bit big…I might try it with a lace or fingering weight next time. And I would have loved to have had a matching blue or bright color to make the edge pop…but that’s ok. Stash is free and handy.

I enjoyed my “new” pillowcase last night with a bit of pillow mist (I will blog directions on making that soon!) and my latest read–Blue Bike. It’s a good read!

Let the pillowcase obsession continue!!