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000_2314So, I’m 2 months behind, but I am finally catching up with Christmas thank you notes!  My mother instilled in her children the importance of writing thank yous, and I may not be timely about it, (I hereby make a resolution to change this ugly trait), but I eventually get them done. 

I came across wax seals a couple years ago, and I have so much fun using them.   It’s one of those old romantic touches that I think are so cool.  You just drip wax where you want to seal and then press a stamp into it.  You can buy little stamps and wax sticks.  (plain candle wax sort of works, but the sticks work better.  I think the sticks are made with a thicker wax.)  Anyways, adds some whimsy to those thank you notes. 

I so wish I was better at writing snail mail randomly to friends and family.  Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail?  Such a day brightener.  I think writing is getting to be a lost art.  How hard would it be to write one letter a week?