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A new year is upon us and I am full of thoughts of goals, changes, bettering…you know, the usual stuff. Before I dive into that though, here is a little bit of what our days have looked like in the past month. (It’s been a while since I last posted!)

We picked out our tree at our usual spot…a family favorite…Leverty’s Traditional Trees.

christmas fam 2013

The boys were overjoyed with the fact that a tree would be INSIDE the house! Much anticipation for the event.

tree boys

I took the boys on a little cross country skiing/sledding adventure at our local state park. I can’t wait to get out skiing with just Tony!! Skiing is a bit more work with 2 little boys along…good…but work.

Skiing with Espen

Elias was thrilled to get on the ice to fish again. I hope he continues to love fishing for his daddy’s sake!

Elias fishing

On the homestead, the girls are still laying well. I can’t believe with these frigid temps that they are still going strong. We have a heat lamp in the coop just to keep the temps above 0 in there. I know the light helps them lay in the winter, but I am still surprised at their production. The only thing we have really had to watch closer is how many times we collect the eggs a day. With the cold weather, the eggs are freezing if we don’t collect them in time. Not a problem, until they crack…then I feel like there is too much risk of contamination and I throw them. So an extra trip to the coop a day helps solve that issue.

eggs 2013

I have been busy in the kitchen cooking up random cravings. The other day I made deviled eggs, chex mix, and pita bread. We ate what we wanted of the deviled eggs and then I made them into a chicken salad to eat in our pita bread for lunch the next day. 3 new cookbooks for Christmas helps with kitchen yummies. We got Pioneer Woman’s new book, Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, and The New Midwestern Table.

cooking 2013