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I have a deadline coming up so I’m working on everything else possible to avoid it.  My husband says this is stupid.  I don’t disagree.  Just is.   Some people work better under pressure.  I keep telling myself I’m one of them.

So here’s one of the projects that was completed yesterday and today.  We got these wonderful children’s comforters from IKEA last Christmas.  They came with cotton covers and I have been wanting to make flannel covers for winter.   I decided to check out my stash to see what I could come up with.  Found some things that I probably wouldn’t pick if I went to the store today, but works.  And I love that it is ALL stash!


After I got Espen’s done, I decided it might be cute to add a little “e” on his, and a big “E” on Elias’.  {Nice thing about having kids with the same initial is they can switch it up whenever they want.}  20130122-132515.jpg



Cowboys for Elias–I tried to tell him they are superheroes of the west.  I thought I was going to have a little fuss since Espen’s is a bit brighter and has baby animals on it, but he totally likes his.  whew!!!





Espen’s has a cute animal pull toy flannel as the center that I bought a few weeks ago.  It has flannel on the back from deeper in the stash.  The front and back is a bit much together, but it works.



Two little boys testing them out.


I left an opening in the bottom for easy washing.  The loops will go around buttons…eventually…they are in a box somewhere…


A fun project to complete.  And it does this mama’s heart good to see my boys so thrilled about something I made.   After nap I’ll throw them in the wash to get out some of those deep wrinkles and to make them smell like home.  Good.