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Ever since we moved back to the Hudson area, I have heard comments about Neumann Farms and how we had to get there.  Last weekend was their opening weekend, and we were there!  I was sooooo excited!  Neumann Farms is located just south of Osceola WI and is a gorgeous drive from the cities area.

This is their outdoor canning kitchen and gift shop.  It has some darling charm.  Inside you will find soaps, honey, REAL popcorn, maple syrup, eggs, fresh pressed apple cider, cards, lots of canned goods, and more.



Not a great picture on this one, but wanted to show you the popcorn.  I told you it was real!  You stick this whole ear of red corn in the microwave and you get an over flowing bag of popcorn.  Tony said it was the best popcorn he’s ever had which is saying a lot.  This is what the ear looked like after all the corn popped off it.  I will be getting more of this nifty stuff!


Neumann Farms boasts a TON of pumpkins and squash for the fall.  Like every kind you can imagine.




Did I mention they had EVERY kind!?


AND they had a pick your own pumpkin patch.  It was so cool.  I can’t ever remember picking my own pumpkins.  I thought it was really neat that they had two rows of squash planted down the center of the pumpkin patch.  The squash mature a little sooner than the pumpkins and then they can make those rows of squash their driving road for pumpkins.  Let’s just say they aren’t new at this operation.


They also had a variety of farm animals for the kids to look at…well, and people like me.   Baby chicks that they actually hatched on the farm.


Espen was thrilled to be at eye level with them.


These two kittens were beautiful!  They had the bluest eyes and they were sweet little creatures.  Makes me excited to have a cat again.


We had fun feeding the goats and checking out the donkey and sheep.  Oh boy I was in dream land!!  Someday…



An impish grin from a boy in farm glory.


A wonderful time was had by all at Neumann Farms.  Tony and I went to high school with Jess, a married into the Neumann family girl, and it was wonderful to chat with her about all the goings on at the farm.  A huge thanks to the Neumanns for letting us experience all the farm fun.  If you are looking for something for the whole family this fall, you know where to go!