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Last week, I cast on and completed a new knitting project!   (Remember, I had to finish everything that was on my needles before I started something new.)  I decided on some Duffers.  They went together so quickly!  I actually made 2 slippers in one day, but decided that the first came out too small, so I had to make  a third one the next day.  The pattern is easy and FREE!  You can find it HERE.

This project does involve felting which means that you make the original slippers larger than you want out of 100% wool.  Then you wash them in hot water until they shrink to the size you want.  Here are my original slippers pre-felting.  I picked the colors, soft pink and natural, right after I found out I was having another boy.  I think I was craving some girly sweetness…


I ran the slippers once through a hot load of laundry, but decided I didn’t want to babysit my washing machine, so I finished by hand.  I filled my sink with hot soapy water and then went back and forth from that to an icy bowl of water.  That worked fine, but was taking a bit of time, so I boiled some water to try and make it go faster.  Talk about lack of patience!  (The way felting works is that the hot water relaxes the fibers in the wool and then you shock them back with the cold water, causing your item to shrink.)


After 3 days of air drying, they are finally done!  Almost.  I sewed on some buttons this morning, so that I could easily see which was the right and left foot.  DONE!  Happy feet.