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I really wasn’t going to buy chickens yesterday. I mean why would I? Nothing was ready. I needed to do more research. And I had two little boys with me. But then we saw them in this box at the store and the people there were so nice, and they said chickens are so easy, and they told me I was not crazy for considering this adventure. And they were only $2ish/chick!

This first picture best shows the different kinds of chicks they had.  {These are all brown egg layers.}  Top left/light yellow are Buff Orpingtons.  Top right/red are Rhode Island Reds.  Bottom left/black with a light circle on head are Barred Rocks.  Bottom right/black with light markings are Silver Laced Wyandottes.  I got 3 of each for a total of 12.  I’d still love to try an Americana–they lay Easter Egg color eggs, and Black Australorps.  I will wait and see how these 12 chicks go and then maybe put in an order for 3 more.


I had thrown a box in the back of the car since I figured I would need some way to transport them, but the store had these nifty little boxes for me already. So this is the chirping box that sat in the passenger seat on the way home. The boys and I talked quietly to them to try and help them relax. 🙂

Before we left the clerk helped me pick out a few more necessities. I needed a red heat bulb. I had already picked up a clear one but found out that red was better because it helped them relax more. First rookie mistake, but very fixable!

I also needed feed. For babies there is medicated and non medicated feed. If your chicks have already been vaccinated you get the non medicated. The clerk told me to go with the medicated for the first couple bags since my chicks had not been vaccinated. {So glad someone can just tell me what to do!}

When we got home, I scrambled to get the chicks settled with food, water, and their heat lamp. They are supposed to be kept at about 90 degrees for the first week. I have been watching their behavior closely to gauge temperature. Snuggled all up together equals too cold. Trying to get away from light equals too hot. Spread throughout the box acting comfortable equals perfect!

The pictures all appear red because of the red heat bulb. Pine shavings is what is in the bottom of the box. Per the clerk. I loved her!

So all in all, I am out $64 so far and have 12 chicks that should start laying eggs sometime this fall. So far so good!

I purchase my chicks locally at Hackman Town and Country in Roberts WI. If you want to order some you just call them up and let them know by April 2nd for the next shipment. Did I mention that they were very helpful? And that chickens are easy? And that you would not be crazy for trying it yourself? 🙂