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I saw a cute idea on Pinterest the other day of boxes that I thought would make great boy Valentine Boxes.  We had a couple nearly empty Kleenex boxes, so I thought I’d give it a go with Elias.


I removed the kleenex and the plastic that is in the opening of the box.  Then I wrapped it in plain brown paper.  I felt on the top where the opening of the box was, and punched through the paper with a scissors.  I taped the brown paper back inside the “mouth” opening.  Cut out some teeth with white paper.  Glued on some eyes using old egg cartons.  And gave the boys markers to decorate them with.  So easy!  And the boys love them!


I talked with Elias about what V-Day means, and we wrote little love notes for his box and Espen’s.  It is so cute to see them pull the same note out over and over again and pretend they’ve never seen it.  {I just put new notes in now, so they will be surprised when they get up from nap.  It takes so little sometimes!!}