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I love that on Mondays we have co-op. I am so incredibly grateful for this group of people that all work together to make this homeschooling adventure something doable and FUN. The first 3 Mondays of the month, our homeschool meets at a local church. Elias attends the preK/Kindergarten class for a 3 hour block. He has a wonderful teacher and 15 other students in his class. It has made a beautiful transition to homeschool in that he still feels like he has actual “school” time with a teacher and other kids. It gives me encouragement from other parents, social time, and the ability to have a day of the week where if we don’t get to a lot of other school time that day, it’s ok. I like that it is on Monday as well…kind of starts our week out strong and on the right foot. Next year Elias will be in 1st grade and will get to pick (WE will pick) which three 1 hour classes he would like to take. Espen will then be in the preK/K class. If you are in my area and would like more information on the co-op, there is a meeting next month for perspective families. I would be happy to pass the info on to you!!

Speaking of passing on homeschool information… I had a couple ladies come over the other night to just chat about what it looks like for us and to see some of the things that we use. I’m not kidding when I say, I really enjoy talking about this stuff. Even if you don’t homeschool, there are great books and tools to use with your children out there.

I also came across a few more wonderful reads this last week!! Yay!
“This is Sadie.” I saw this one recommended by House Full of Bookworms. It’s full of creative and imaginative play. Which is something that I am always looking for in a book. IMAGINATION!! {I still think fairies must be out there somewhere…}

This book was one we checked out from the library–“The Storm.” I think I was drawn in by the Lighthouse Family theme and was hoping for some strong truths to be woven in. I wasn’t disappointed. Strong characters with inspiring qualities…the language made for a lovely read-aloud…lots of layers of depth that spoke to each person in the family. I will be checking out more of these!

And this one. Oh this one! Oddfellow’s Orphanage. Talk about imagination! We first checked out the book “The Wonderful Things You Will Be,” and then promptly had to check out all Emily Winfield Martin’s other books. She has such whimsy! We are half way through Oddfellow’s Orphanage, so I can’t say how it ends yet, but this will be one we will purchase if it finishes as wonderful as it has started.
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Spring winds have arrived and dad made a kite with the boys out of a plastic bag, straws, and dental floss. I had my doubts but it worked pretty good. And the boys LOVE having dad teach them stuff! Elias requested that we start a “building” class. I think it’s a great idea! And so we will. Because we can. 🙂