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I’ve been flying around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Sometimes I wonder how it all gets done!  Well…usually all gets done.  🙂  I have been busy getting patterns out the door the last couple of days as well as trying to get the daily ho-hum done.  My husband has been eating bread and peanut butter for the last week, I know the laundry must be backed up when I hear, “Do I have any clean undershirts?”, and of course the dishes…oh the dishes, this dishwashing machines hands are getting a bit rebellious!  Yet in the midst of it all, somehow I heard the beautiful sound of my sewing machine this morning.  (Oh the things we will get out of bed early for!)

Here’s my trusty Heather Bailey pin cushion that I use when I am in my sewing room.  (online instructions.)  Oh so cute and they make fun gifts for all your Domestic Diva pals!  And get this–the buttons are handmade!!!  A lady exchanged me a button bracelet for a jar of these handmade buttons!  How cool is that!  A good old fashioned trade, straight up!