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Jeepers! A lot has happened since I last posted. Our little girl arrived…over 3 weeks early! Rather a surprise. I was a bit worried when my water broke in my 36th week, but all turned out beautifully. Bergen Marie arrived on May 30th at 4:01pm. She weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. Her body temp was a little low as well as her blood sugar, but other than that she did perfectly. She came home with us when we were discharged. Yay baby girl!
Delivery is always such a crazy experience. Each one different. I’m always relieved to be on this side of it. 🙂 So is daddy. {So glad to have this man beside me for these huge life experiences!!}
I am a bit smitten with her. Still can’t believe I have a girl. yay!!!
Her oldest brother, Elias, is also in love. He cannot get enough of her. Every time he passes her, he has to reach out and touch her.
She’s a snuggler and for the first few weeks of life we hardly heard a peep from her.
This pic of the boys with her kind of says it all. Bergen is loved deeply by each one of us. So thankful and blessed she is part of our family.

The other thing that has me excited, is our garden! It is growing beautifully! Can I just say that it is fun and satisfying to work in a successful garden?! {I have not always been a successful gardener…}  I love it. We have been enjoying tons of lettuce, kale, and herbs. Tomorrow I have to pick the first of the green beans. And then the tomatoes will be up. Every day the garden changes and challenges me.  Come check us out at Barlow Roots on facebook!!  And if you are local to our area, come see us!